Welcome to the REVOLUTION!


   Warrior Revolution Radio, that is!  Happy to have you watching and listening to the message of this podcast.  What is the message?  It's simple!  I interview people from ALL walks of life.  People who are activist and warriors for different, meaningful causes.  Individuals who have or have had medical issues and diseases and are warriors with a message for the masses.  Bands, singers, comedians, actors, entertainers of all sorts who are fighting like warriors to hone their craft and make it in their own niche'.

     I believe there is a warrior inside of all of us.  My mission is to inspire and motivate all who watch and listen to this podcast.  

     Always remember this podcasts driving statement, "Your fist is as big as your heart.  Never stop loving and never stop fighting for what you believe."


  Hi y'all!  If you can't tell from my podcast, I'm a southern man who was raised by an awesome grandmother.  I have one brother, one sister, of which I am the eldest.  I have four children and 5 grandchildren (I know you're saying, "But he looks so young!").  I have an amazing wife of whom I have been with 7 years and married for 2.  We have 3 dogs and a cat (all rescue animals).

     I'm a BIG TIME music fan, but, my favorites are the Eagles, Pink Floyd, Queen, and Led Zeppelin.  I, pretty much, am a fan of 1960's, 1970's and 1980's music.

     I'm also a sports fan.  I played football, including collegiate, for 9 years.  My favorite professional teams are the NY Giants, Houston Texans, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers, Utah Jazz, and Philadelphia 76'ers.  As far as collegiate sports, anything and everything IOWA HAWKEYES!  ON IOWA!  GO HAWKS!

     I was in radio sales and then sports broadcasting for many many years after college.  Communications is in my bones and, actually, I have had a few family members in radio.  This podcast is a dream come true and am very excited  to be back in the communications arena.

     Now, down to the proverbial "nitty gritty".  I am a 4 time cancer survivor.  It was stage 3, twice and stage 4 twice.  I have had several body and face altering surgeries.  The cancer I had was squamous cell carcinoma.  The good news, I beat it every single time, and if it decides to rear its ugly head, again, I will fight just as hard and beat it again and again, whatever it takes.  I will do it with a smile on my face, happiness, positivity, and optimism in my heart, and joy and hope in my soul.     


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