Sorry, it's been a while since I published an update on here. When we decided to grow TPS Media, I don't think we had a healthy appreciation for just how many human hours were required! Needless to say, we are steamrolling forward!

In news, Orchard, by Jed Quinn, and narrated by Nora Rose Sullivan is officially released! Yay! You can grab your copy through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. The studio has a select number of complimentary copies that it is looking to give away to audio book reviewers. If you are interested, comment below and we'll be in touch.

Production for Cove, the sequel to Orchard has wrapped. That means book 2 in Jed Quinn's Orchard series is heading to you this holiday season - after some primping from the editing department, that is.

Since our last chat, we've come to terms with, and completed primary production on author Cassie Leigh's newest novella, Home for the Howliday. It is a devilishly fun little romance about werewolves. It is due out in early November, so check out our audio book page for more details. I will let you all know when that is available for purchase.

Last week we met with author Michael Koogler, and came to terms to adapt his fantastic techno-thriller, Antivirus. Andy Eastman is going to take the mic for this one. It's going to be a good one, folks. You just might not look at your router and home computer the same ever again!

Monday October 24th is the first pre-production meeting on Aaron Bunce's dark fantasy, Within! Brian Smith has come aboard to breathe life into this one, and we could not be more excited. This one is going to be a real treat, and a marathon. Prepare yourself for a 26+ hour audio book!

Godsknife, by Timothy C Ward is progressing through primary production, as is Bishop to Queen's Knife, by Barten Mills. Both should be out and available for you to purchase this holiday season! That is all the news I have for you today folks, as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or requests, comment below, or message us through the website, Facebook, or twitter. We are always happy to connect!  Happy a happy Halloween , everybody!

Production update - August 16

- Exciting news around the studio this week. We wrapped post-production on Jed Quinn's first novel, Orchard. We are now finalizing files and preparing it for its long-waited upload into the digital verse. Here it comes, folks. Also, Quinn's second novel, Cove, isn't far behind it. We are anticipating primary production wrapping sometime in mid September. We are excited about transitioning that book to post-production so you audio book fans can jump right into the exciting continuation of this exciting series.

- We had a great recording session with the mellow Craig Byers, and are progressing towards the finish line on Barten Mill's riveting crime/procedural novel, Bishop to Queen's Knight. We think that fans of Michael Connelly and his Bosch detective series will enjoy this one. Especially those who have watched the fantastic Amazon adaptation with Titus Welliver.

- We started production on two new projects Friday. First, we had KCCK radio D.J., author, and international man of mystery, Dennis W. Green, into the studio and started production on his first book, Traveler. Fans of this awesome, dimension-shifting cop should get excited for this one!

 - The second show we started production on is Antivirus, my Michael Koogler. We combined Andy's deep, resonant voice with this thrilling, sci-fi thriller, to bring you a must-listen audio book. You may never look at your internet modem the same again! Keep your eyes out for this one!

- Within the next week, we are auditioning narrators for Godsknife, by Time Ward, Within, by Aaron Bunce, The Hunted Assassin, & Linear Shift, by Paul Kohler, and Ghosts in the Snow,  by Tamara Siler Jones.

Keep tuned for more information in the coming days!

Production update - Madness

- Hello, hello, hello. This past few months has been crazy around the studio. Auditions have trickled to a close and we are now working diligently to get them all sorted, edited, and posted. Thank you for your patience, as there are only so many me's, and quite a few more you's. I am hoping to have them all done within the week.

- Orchard, by Jed Quinn is in the final stage. This is where we listen and edit out any small hiccups and background noises. This is a fine process and results in the "finished" sound everyone is looking for in a well-crafted audio book. Album artwork and peripherals will be done soon, so expect an updated release date very soon. Hint hint, it might be out as soon as early September!

- Jed Quinn's follow up, Cove, is already well into production. We have over 50% of the project recorded and are working diligently to get the rest recorded in the next week or two. After that, Cove will sidle off to our post-production room for the first wave of trims and cuts. We are hoping to bring this audio book to you this fall!

Bishop to Queen's Knight, a fantastic little mystery/detective novel by Iowa's own Barten Mills is full steam ahead now, with the Bosch-esque Craig Byers behind the microphone. We are pushing the recording schedule hard on this one as well, hoping to move it into post production within the next month or two! Stay tuned.

- Next week, Stephanie Neff will be in studio reading for Godsknife, by Tim Ward. Once the initial reading is signed off by the author, that project will move into full production.

- Author, and multi-talented vocalist Dennis W. Green will be in studio next Friday to begin production on the audio book narration of his first book Traveler! We are extremely excited about this audio book and introducing all of you to the fantastical, paralell reality world of Trav Becker.

- Nora Rose Sullivan, will begin production on The Music Mage, by Sandra Miller. This project is reaching the end of pre-production and should begin recording in early September. This is a big book, full of fantasy and mystery. We can't wait to sink our teeth into this world and bringing you an awesome audio adaptation.

- Andy Eastman is schedule to come in and read for Michael Koogler's techno-thriller Antivirus. This is a great, creepy book and should make one heck of a good audio book. Once the initial recording is signed off we will shift Antivirus into production!

- Stay tuned, folks, lots of updates are just around the corner!

Production update - July

We are excited to announce that we have finished edits on Orchard, by Jed Quinn and have moved to the final steps of post production. Expect an updated release date on that project soon. The sequel, Cove, is in production now, and should be available for sale come this fall.

We have come to terms with author Sandra Miller, to adapt her novel The Music Mage. We are excited to announce that Nora Rose Sullivan has been signed for that project. The studio is currently in negotiations for a number of projects, and is excited to get production started on those as soon as possible. Those projects are: Antivirus, by Michael Koogler. Morgan's Run & Ghosts in the Snow, by Tamara Jones. Scavengers, A.I. by Tim Ward. Bishop to Queen's Knight, by Barten Mills. and Traveler, by Dennis Green.

We are currently finalizing narrator auditions and profiles. Stay tuned for updates from our production staff.

Audio Book talk

Life as an author/publisher is crazy. Let's be honest. You write a book, great job. But the euphoria of this accomplishment wears off when you realize that you still have a bazillion steps between you and publishing. Editing, proofreading, revision, beta, editor, agent query, rejection, more querying, more rejection, small press, boutique publishers, independent publishing. Phew, I'm out of breath. You navigate that maze and your book is published. Congrats! Big pat on the back. No, seriously, pat yourself on the back, because if you made it that far, you've accomplished more than a lot of other people. But then you're at a book signing one day and someone asks "is your book on audio book? Cause I only listen to audio books while I drive". Then the whole cycle starts all over again. Well, not from the beginning, because this time you at least have a finished project to start with.

Simply put, what do you need to get a good audio book adaptation of your work?

1: A good manuscript. Sounds corny, but it's true. How good is the book? And, not every genre adapts that well to audio. Look over your project and determine if it is right for the medium.

2: The right voice. This is the "duh" step. The right narrator can make or break an audio book project from the get go. Just like a good/bad cover art can turn your print book into a winner. Don't settle on an audio book narrator just because they show your project a little interest. ACX is great, but there are a lot of people operating out of their basement and very little set up to manage the overall quality of the project.

3: The studio matters. Where is the product going to be recorded? What kind of equipment are they using? We have a pro studio with a sound booth, but some people just set up a mic at their office desk and record it there. Ask lots of questions like: what level of post production can I expect from you? Can I check the final product for quality before it is uploaded for distribution? Most importantly, what does my project mean to the narrator and the studio? Is their passion, or is this just another pay check. Be comfortable with who you are going to work with before you give the final go ahead. A good audio book attracts customers to multiple mediums, boosting print and eBook sales. While a bad audio book can turn people off altogether. Be wary. Get involved, especially if the studio is local. Ask to attend the first recording session. Infuse some of your passion into the people adapting your work. It can't hurt.

4: The right marketing. Take some time to find out what marketing tips work. Promo websites, social media, paid review services, and cover quotes can all work in varying degrees. Use trial and error. Try connecting with people that review like or similar titles fairly.

5: Digital exclusive versus hard copy. It's cool to sell fancy jewel cases full of shiny cd's at author events, but ask yourself: will my event sales justify the personal expense, plus the loss to other, more lucrative markets. Consider offering download codes for Audible or iTunes instead. Just like eBooks, digital media versions come at a lower cost/higher reward trade. Besides, most people listen to audio books on devices these days. Viva tech revolución! 

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